6 - 10 APRIL 2024



Victorious Riders Shine at ISV State Championships

In a showcase of equestrian excellence, the ISV State Championships recently concluded with resounding success. Riders from across the state gathered to compete, and the competition was fierce, showcasing the finest talent in the sport.

🥇 Champion School Toorak College: Lucy Coventry, Sage Jones, Harriet Davis, and Abby Williams led Toorak College to a triumphant victory. Mounted on Quizzical, Lucy Coventry’s performance was particularly outstanding, earning her the prestigious Nan McArthur Senior Award.

🥈 Reserve Champion School Braemar College: Braemar College also demonstrated remarkable skill and determination, securing the reserve champion title. Riders Nina Ryssenbeek, Rosemary Sutherland, Macy Doyle, and Tyler Gamble showcased their expertise in the arena.

🏅 Nan McArthur Senior Award: Lucy Coventry’s remarkable partnership with Quizzical was further recognised with the Nan McArthur Senior Award, a testament to her dedication and talent.

🎖️ Nan McArthur Primary Award: Lily Diss from Maxwell Matador Royal displayed exceptional horsemanship while riding Matador Royal, earning her the coveted Nan McArthur Primary Award.

The championships were a true testament to the spirit of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and dedication within the Interschool Victorian community. Congratulations to the organising committee participants, winners, and schools involved for their outstanding achievements.